Fruit Expertise

More than a traditional dried fruit supplier, Taura specialises in functional fruit solutions for snack, cereal, bakery, and confectionery applications.  

With our own in-house Taura “Fruit Doctors” and large global R&D and Technical Sales Teams providing unrivalled technical expertise and product development support, Taura strives to support our partners to drive new category growth.

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Market Led Innovation

We understand that to continue to add value for our partners we must look ahead and understand the trends and movements that will shape the market in the future.

This results in a nimble, fast moving and adaptable environment that shapes the company that Taura is today.

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Customised Solutions

Products featuring real fruit appeal to today’s health-conscious consumers, however significant technical obstacles have previously limited Food Manufacturers from using real fruit-based ingredients in many products with a long shelf life. Dry product applications such as biscuits, baked goods, cereals and snacks have been especially problematic due to moisture transfer from the fruit.

Solutions based around fruit ingredients from Taura sweep away these technical barriers and pave the way for a wide range of new products featuring fruit pieces, flakes and pastes. These can be designed specifically for a certain application to deliver all the taste, colour and nutritional benefits of fruit, into foods requiring a long shelf life.

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Food Safety and Organics

Taura is an approved ingredient supplier to international leading brand manufacturers worldwide. As such, we seek to achieve and maintain quality standards and practices of the highest international class.

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